Creating a distribution list in mac mail

You can make MacMassMailer check your website for new subscribers and add them to the database automatically.

You can also make MacMassMailer remove the people who wish to unsubscribe from your database automatically. I don't even check who's coming in and out anymore It's done automatically, and it doesn't require my attention.

Send mail to a Contact Group (Distribution Group) - Airmail for macOS | Airmail

If you have more than people on your email list, and expect new people to come and go, you cannot use Mac Mail to send mass email messages. If you are within this limit, send your messages using the "BCC" field instead of the "To" field, and make sure your messages do not disclose all recipients of your list. You can check that by sending a test message to a number of your own email addresses and then inspecting the "To" and the "BCC" fields of the received messages.

You shouldn't see the entire email list.

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  • Mac Mail Group Email List?

You can download MacMassMailer from here:. So how to make an email list in Mac Mail?

So here is how I do it… I make an email list in Address Book. I repeat this again with some pictures… 1. Add more people to your email list You can also import any existing email list using the Import feature of the Address Book.

Problem 3 The last and the biggest problem is email list management. Type a name for the new mailing list.

Before you start...

Press Enter. Highlight All Contacts in the Group column.

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The new contact will show up under All Contacts automatically. Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Like Smart Folders, these will automatically be populated with contacts who fit parameters you set. You can use this feature to automatically create and update contact lists, based on information you hold in their Contacts file.


How to Create a Group for List Mailing in macOS Mail

These groups are incredibly easy to use. Such groups are really useful if you need to keep in touch regularly with groups of family and friends.

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