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To set up a rule that delays all outgoing mail, follow these steps:.

If you edit a message while it's in the Outbox, Outlook doesn't reset the timer. It's possible that you might decide to rescind the delay, and fortunately, Outlook has an option to do so:. It's counterproductive to disable the automated send feature 1 and set a delay rule. Outlook ignores scheduled delays if you've disabled the automated send feature. If disabling the automated feature or delaying all messages is overkill, you can always delay individual messages, as needed.

Fortunately, the process if easy and flexible. To delay an individual message, do the following:. If you decide to send the message before the scheduled time, simply uncheck the Do Not Deliver Before option. If you leave messages in the Inbox when you exit Outbox, Outlook can send them when you next launch, if you like:. This option isn't a catch-all for forgotten messages.

If you've disabled the automated send feature, it won't work even if you select it. If the scheduled time for a delayed message hasn't arrived, this option won't send that message. This option doesn't add much to the mix.

2: Delay all outgoing mail

You can do everything right and not get the desired results; your expectations probably don't fall in line with Outlook's reality. If you disable Outlook's ability to send messages waiting in the Outbox, you may or may not receive a prompt to remind you when you exit. It depends on cache settings and even an add-in can usurp this option. In addition, Outlook doesn't send messages when closed, regardless of what you might have scheduled. Anything sitting in your Outbox when you exit will still be there the next time you launch Outlook.

If a scheduled send time has lapsed, Outlook will attempt to send the messages upon launching. Don't schedule send tasks if you've disabled the automated send feature; these two features don't work together. If you schedule messages and you're sure that the automated feature is enabled, but Outlook never sends the scheduled messages, talk with your administrator. If you don't have one, it's possible that an add-in is interfering. Disable all add-ins and see if the scheduling feature starts working for you.

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If you have multiple email accounts in Outlook, you can select which email account inbox you want displayed by default when you open Outlook. In the Outlook start and exit section, click Browse. On the Select Folder dialog box, find the account you want and select the Inbox, or other folder you want to start Outlook in. Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. Make your email work for you and save time for more important tasks.

1. Change the Number of Lines in Message Previews

Read More that shows you a list of all items that match certain search criteria. Outlook provides some templates for Search Folders or you can create your own. The original messages remain in their respective folders. Select a ready-made Search Folder template from the list or select Create a custom Search Folder under Custom at the bottom of the list.

Outlook for Mac

Click Criteria and specify the details of the search on the Search Folder Criteria dialog box. Don't panic. These troubleshooting tips will fix the problem. Read More. Redundant messages are previous messages in a thread also quoted in the replies. Long email threads could end up with several copies of earlier messages that are quoted in each reply.

The Clean Up Folder command moves the redundant messages in the selected folder and its subfolders to the Deleted Items folder by default. To use this command, right-click on the folder you want to clean up and select Clean Up Folder. Select the folder you want the cleaned-up items to be moved to and enable or disable any other clean-up options you want.

How to delay sending an email in Outlook

Sometimes you need to write an email but not send it until a later time. First, write your new email or reply to an email. Under Delivery options , check the Do not deliver before box and select a date and time. Outlook stores scheduled email messages in your Outbox until they are sent when they are moved to your Sent folder. If you change your mind and need to cancel the delayed delivery or change it to a different date and time, go to your Outbox and open the email message.

Click Delay Delivery on the Options tab again and change the date and time for the Do not deliver before option or uncheck the box to disable delayed delivery. The Quick Steps section of the Home tab in Outlook provides one-click access to common actions. Microsoft provides some initial Quick Steps to start with, but you can also create your own.

Delay or schedule the delivery of email messages in Outlook for Mac - Outlook for Mac

Then, select an action from the dropdown list and click Add Action. Keep adding other actions you want to take in the same Quick Step, clicking Add Action after each one. For example, you can set up a Quick Step to mark selected email messages as read and then move them to a certain folder. For a similar tool, check out how to create email groups and distribution lists How to Create an Email Group and Distribution List in Outlook How to Create an Email Group and Distribution List in Outlook Learn how to create an email group or a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook and see what a tremendous timesaver it can be.

If you use Outlook for email, scheduling, and tasks, you might want to open multiple Outlook windows. That allows you to see your email, calendar, and tasks at the same time instead of using the navigation buttons to keep switching views. To open another Outlook window, right-click on the Outlook icon on the Taskbar and select Outlook Position the windows how you want.

Do not click the X in the upper-right corner of any of the windows. Outlook will open the next time with the same number of windows and in the same position they were in when you exited Outlook. You may not always like playing by the rules, but rules in Outlook can be very useful.

How to Delay or Schedule Sending Email Messages in Outlook

They allow you to set up specific events to happen automatically based on actions that occur. For example, you may want to move messages with specific words in the subject line or from a specific person to a folder and mark the messages as read at the same time. You can create a rule to do all that at once as you receive messages. The Rules and Alerts dialog box allows you to create, change, and manually run rules.