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This method has several advantages:.

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The following example assumes a Linux Mint The blocksize parameter can be increased, and while it may speed up the operation of the dd command, it can occasionally produce unbootable USB drives, depending on your system and a lot of different factors. Be patient! Once dd has finished imaging the drive, it will output something that looks like this:. Consider yourself warned.

Without the USB drive plugged into the system, open a Terminal window, and type the command diskutil list at the command prompt.

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You can also see if anyone is available in chat. I just want to add detail to the answer Francesco - Again, look at the differences between dmg and iso. To avoid the few rare cases in which a dmg behaves as an iso , it's best to just convert it to a known valid format. If you write the common dmgs that contain compression to a USB, many things do not handle them correctly. So you aren't adding details, you're asking questions without researching it beyond a single case in which your point is true while ignoring the numerous cases in which it is false.

In your case it might be different Edit You can do the conversion and actual writing in one pass, if you don't need the.

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In your case it might be different. How USB should be formatted? Enthusiast these instructions are writing a raw disk image to the device. Its formatting and data before the operation will be overwritten and therefore don't matter.

I still have not found a workable solution. If you can find another Mac, try the Disk Utility App.

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How To Make a Bootable Linux USB Drive On a Mac