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Comic Books have always been a beloved part of modern entertainment along with movies, TV shows, and novels. But, things have changed since the last few years. Movies based on comics have been reigning supreme on the box offices around the world, and now even the mainstream consumers are interested in reading them.

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These pages are stored in compressed archive format, so that a reader can view them in a sequential manner. To open these files, you need apps which can read these formats. If you are reading a comic book on your Mac, you can try to read it by converting it into a simple PDF but that will take away the pleasure of reading it. The pages images will not fit on the screen properly.

You will have to zoom in and out on every page to make it readable.

Overall, you will have a bitter experience. So, if you want to read a comic book properly, you need to install the apps which are meant to read them in their native format. Apart from Mac, it is also available for Windows and Linux.

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YAC Reader is the complete package as far as comic readers are concerned. It also supports various view formats. You can view your comics in a single or double page mode, full-screen mode or you can customize the size as per your liking.

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You can change the background colour and also change the page scrolling effects. But the feature which gives it an edge over the other readers is the YAC Library. YAC Library allows you to view all your comics in a single space. You can organise your comics in a different folder.

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It also keeps track of your reading progress. Last Edit: 2 years 2 months ago by stegy.


The administrator has disabled public write access. I am not familiar with how those files are delivered, but first thing to do is examine the contents of the file with an archive program. What is the file structure and what files are inside?

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Indeed, can you open the file with the appropriate archive program. Last Edit: 2 years 2 months ago by jkthemac. Remember cbz files are only zip files with images jpg, png, etc inside So just copy the file to your pc, open it with winrar for example and see if you can see the images inside If you cannot, it is not a CBZ file Now, if the problem is not that, try first opening directly with comicrack not adding it to the library , if it opens there and not in the library, you are adding it wrong Remember files in the library are just links to the file, you cannot add them and then move the file The other thing it can be happening is that one of the images is corrupt Last Edit: 2 years 2 months ago by Xelloss.

So question remains, why ComicRack can not open this files? ComicRack is designed to open very specific files.

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It is easy to confuse it if it isn't in the expected format. Change the. You can now import your comic into your comics-reader app via the usual methods. With Comic Zeal, the method involves tethering your iPad to your Mac, launching iTunes, selecting your iPad within iTunes, choosing the Apps tab, locating the Comic Zeal entry in the applications area, and adding your.

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