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On Windows 7 I had to do some consider tweaking to get everything up and running and I still had problems viewing videos. All of those will work by the way. For Mac, there's Darwine but CrossOver has better support. However, it does cost money. You can also use wine-devel 1.

Fallout 3 on Steam....Playable on Mac? Ever?

Just install VMWare with Win98 and install the games. WinXP works too with all Fallout patches. The main problem is that those games are very buggy to begin with. I personally attempted this a while back.

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Jon Mabe Jon Mabe 1, 8 8 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. I was completely unaware that there were Mac versions of these You rock.

Probably starting at WINE. Hear, hear. GOG is awesome. It is indeed gone due to the rights transferring to Bethesda, and they're definitely scheduled to come back on Steam.

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The tweet from Bethesda has a promising tone. I was afraid there would be some bitterness against GOG because they were giving away the games for free 1 month before the expiration of Interplay's publishing rights. Bethesda could have perceived this as an agressive move against them loss of future sales.

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Glad to see they are cool with GOG. I enjoyed Fallout anyway! Mar 25 '15 at Didn't try Fallout 2, though. Very nice! It doesn't like many of the Windows 7 features for some reason, even Vista's. I have a bloody annoying problem witch is causing game to crash straight after playing the ending movie, it happens straight after it ends at starts to load something then crashes to the loading screen can someone help plz. Okay, now the game's running, but the keyboard and mouse stop responding every 5 minutes.

Somebody has the same problem? Please help I have tried the. Love this game had on xbox and struggled to get new vegas to work on the mac so went to this one but neither work. I have fix find a exe of ultimate edition that works cause they've fixed this errors in ultimate edition luckyly my cousin had a ultimate edition mine was GOTY only I copied his ultimate edition exe into my GOTY exe it fixed everything. I have an issue where I've entered in my mods, and when I load an autosave or almost any save, the game loading screen enters an undending loop.

Any ideas?

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    Hey wondering if anyone can help me out when i try to change my graphic settings through options it the screen goes black but the game crashes. I only want to get the game to fit my screen then i hit okay and hit play and then it stops working. Posted 24 June - PM. Papajack55 Old hand Members posts. Or I'm missing something somewhere Just thought I'd give you a shout and a holler. Posted 29 June - PM.

    UnwiserSphinx Journeyman Members 31 posts. Reinstall Broken Steel if you have it. I joined in January, and was amazed at the work the users of the site were creating for everyone to access. By downloading Wineskin Winery from the downloads page you will be able to create standalone apps that can run Windows programs and games on your Mac with BootCamp or a virtual machine. The Wineskin app is located just inside the package contents of the app.

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    WineHQ - Fallout 3 and GOTY

    But after a nice little chat pintocat I think I finally have the issue figured out. I have my wrapper completely configured and ready to start but I haven't done it yet in hopes the community will tell me if there are any issues with my load order! Here's where the wrench gets thrown into the gears The wrapper I have created has the components necessary to install TTW dotnet4.

    Welcome to the community! Your not going to find a hole lot of Mac people around here I know a few people use them but mostly for other reasons then gaming. However we do have fun arguing about the better system, once in a while.