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To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. Log in. Sign up. Sort by: See more reviews for OnyX. I just ran it on High Sierra and everything looks good and works well. In all these years using Onyx, Joel has never asked for a penny, but he does have a donation page at his web site, https: To , please Login. If there is something not quite right with the Mac in a certain area, like fonts, Onyx and other utilities can sometimes have tools that can help, like rebuilding the font cache.

But those actions are not normally needed under typical use. Onyx and similar utilities have another function: They provide access to many features that are not exposed in OS X's own preferences, like how fast you want sheets to appears or setting the location and format for how you want screen shots to be saved. But again, that is not "cleaning.

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So there you have it. Onyx is not really needed for maintenance. It is used for troubleshooting and customization. Just use your Mac normally and it will take care of itself.


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Page content loaded. Jul 28, Macs clean themselves. No software needed.

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Exactly what do you want to "clean? I recommend you don't use any of these Cleaner programs. All they seem to do is mess up OS X. OS X takes care of itself as far as cleaning out older cache files and the like. As to other files on your system you do that manually by either not creating files you don't really need or deleting file you no longer want. You still did not tell us what you want to "clean.

Mac os mojave review

Ccleaner for Mac, but it's chiefly used after Internet use and doesn't do the system caches like OnyX does. Mac's do some background maintainence by themselves, but they don't clean the Internet data or corrupted caches. If It can be used to clean the caches of unwanted Internet data as well, if it's used after Ccleaner. Jul 28, 2: Jul 28, 3: OS X Dec 1, 8: This is as useless a thread as I have seen. No discussion.

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Just monologues, talking past one another. He says, she says, he knows, she knows. So as useful, save the verbiage, the truth lies inbetween. Mar 14, 3: Iv'e been suing Onyx with the last 6 OS operating systems since and it's never caused a 'problem'. Oct 20, 3: Onyx didn't work after I updated to Yosemite so I downloaded the most recent version, but it wouldn't open because I didn't get it from the App store.

App Store doesn't have it.