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How To Download Your Facebook Photos

Another reason why I prefer Mylio over odrive and other techniques is that Mylio is also available on iOS and Android — which means you can directly download all Facebook albums to your mobile devices. If you want to download and keep all your Facebook pictures in an organized manner, you should try odrive — a powerful software available for PCs and Macs to sync all cloud storage in one place, including your Facebook photos. How to do that?

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  3. 8 Quick Ways to Download All Your Facebook Photos and Albums.
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First off you'll need to install the odrove app on your computer, then authenticate and link to your Facebook account. Next, it's the magic moment. You'll see odrive automatically syncs all of your albums and photos to your computer hard drive. These include photos and videos you uploaded or got tagged by your friends.

The best part is that all the pictures are sorted by year, so you can easily find what you want.

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  • Amazing, right? That's also the reason why I put it in the number one spot here.

    Download All of Your Facebook Photos

    Many of you may not know that Facebook actually has a feature that allows you to quickly download all your photos as well — more accurately, all of your data. On your Facebook homepage, click the arrow down icon on the top right corner, click Settings. Under General tab, see that option "Download a copy"? Hit it and click the green "Start My Archive" button.

    Download a Single Facebook Photo on Desktop and Android

    Soon you'll get an archive that contains all your pictures. While the process is quite easy and fast, it's without drawbacks.

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    Two problems: Some users have reported a serious problem when trying to download photos from Facebook using Chrome: If you run into this issue—which a quick search revealed seems to be a common problem with Chrome users—we suggest switching briefly to Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari for your downloading needs. As of August , the issue appears to have been resolved but be aware that it could recur. Head to your profile through the app by tapping on your photo on the main screen of your device. In a twist worthy of M.

    But what if you need entire albums or libraries? Album downloading is a really great middle ground between downloading individual images and your entire library, meaning most users will probably find this to be the most useful method for downloading images.

    5 Different Methods for Downloading and Saving Your Facebook Photos

    From here, find the album you wish to download—the amount of photos in each album is listed at the bottom of each selection—and tap your selection to open it. Zip files have to be unzipped to use your files, but luckily MacOS and Windows 10 both support uncompressing files and folders out of the box.

    Download Pictures from Facebook to Computer

    It is a simple to use photo and video downloading service that supports Facebook, Instagram and Vine. It interacts with Facebook just like any other app you use, it will require you to login with Facebook and will ask for basic permissions. You will see all your Videos and Photos under proper tab, such as Tagged and Albums that will contain all Tagged photos and All your albums respectively.

    Download All Your Photos At Once

    The above mentioned Steps should be enough to provide full control over downloading your Facebook photos. If you have any questions or know any other interesting way to download Facebook photos, let us know in the comments below. Read more about Facebook and Photos. Download All of Your Facebook Photos Facebook also natively lets you download a copy of all your Facebook data including all the Photos.