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Mount cloud storage as local drive on your Mac, work with online files as if they are on your hard drive. Why CloudMounter. CloudMounter is pretty versatile supporting various protocols and cloud services and also very safe and handy utility, making sure your personal information is secure. And as it moves forward more cloud services are going to be supported in the future. CloudMounter does not use, store or send your personal information anywhere. All passwords are kept securely in the native OS X Keychain and are used directly for the servers via encrypted channels.

A handy connections manager that CloudMounter is lets you connect to and mount web servers and cloud storages on your Mac.

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CloudMounter is always a work in progress which means we are constantly working on adding support for new cloud services and protocols. In the nearest future we are hoping to achieve full integration with iCloud and even more cloud storages. Supported platforms CloudMounter is available for other desktop and mobile platforms. Get the access to online storages with this ultimate cloud manager on any device you have.

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What customers say. CloudMounter is simply the best of both worlds. Steve Harman.

Bobs King My Mac storage capacity is not large. It supports 7 kinds of cloud services. I compared my frequently used 3 types of cloud storage: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDirve and Dropbox, I think, reading and saving speed fastest is Dropbox.

So, cloud storage is very convenient to use in this way. Bobs King. This app is a great benefit if you have, say, both a work and a home Dropbox account.

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Again , thank you for your attention and congratulations for the application , is really is useful. Requires Buy Now.

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Want more control over local files, remote servers or clouds? Check out Commander One!

Michael Carrano is a mobile software engineer in NYC.

Twitter Join our conversation on Twitter to stay tuned. If a user is editing an Office document, other users will only be able to open that document read-only until the editing user closes it. Easily access older versions of files on cloud storage backends that support versioning, including Box, Dropbox, S3, Google Drive, OneDrive and Sharepoint.

Connect to all major cloud storage providers, or your own server. With a single app you can connect to:. Add cloud storage, like Google, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Sharepoint, and more to every application on your computer.

How to Map a Network Drive in Windows XP

ExpanDrive builds a secure connection from the filesystem to the cloud. Open, edit, and save files to remote computers from within your favorite programs — even when they are on a server half a world away. ExpanDrive performs parallel transfers in the background so that you have a reliable transfer even in the face of unreliable internet. Keep working and stop waiting for transfers to complete.